*SOLVED* Installing a graphics card.

Hello, I've recently built my first PC and everything is going great. Except, I can't seem to get it to run off the gpu instead of the on-board gpu. I've checked the device manager and the onboard gpu is listed but not my MSI Twin Frozr ii GeForce GTX 560 ti. I've tried installing the drivers but an error kept popping up saying, the graphics driver could not find compatible driver hardware. So I take that to mean that it can't locate my gpu. I've tried going through the bios but it's a little confusing for me. Any ideas on what to do?
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  1. why did you put solved in the title? to answer your question what you need to do is change the default graphics adapter in the BIOS to PEG or PCIE....hook the monitor up to the onboard then boot into the BIOS and change that setting...then reboot and hook the monitor up to the 560ti and it should be dandy
  2. Make sure that the BIOS setting is set to use the graphics card and not the integrated. If BIOS is confusing, just flip through it a few times and you will eventually get it down.
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