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New Pc diagnose please

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November 22, 2012 6:56:29 PM



My pc symptoms:

Won't boot, just built it today (my first)
No beep noise at start, nothing on the screen, all fans are spinning (CPU, GFX, 2xcasefans) the PSU fan first starts, then stops. cold start not a problem i think?
I only have a USB keyboard logitech G11 (some keys are busted), not a mechanical one, I tried the usb2 or usb3 ports on the IO backpanel. It receives power, my keys light up.
I've tried clearing cmos.

I've also tried unplugging the GFX card, and plugging the monitor on the integrated GPU. When i did that, i received something: the blinking _ you know, the Dos blinking underscore.

My Power Supply: Corsair TX650M, the ATX Power 24pin-connector only has... 23 pins
This can't be good right?
My missing plug is n°5 on this scheme:

It's labeled as GROUND, now, could i use some sort of a paperclip method to grind pin number5 on my MB? there's a couple of other ground pins there..


My parts:
Asrock z77 extreme4
CPU: i5 3570k

RAM: dont matter
SSD: blah
... ;) 


Thx for reading the whole lot! :D 

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a b B Homebuilt system
November 22, 2012 7:11:49 PM

Well, seeing as you have 4 other grounding pins, you should be alright.

Its most likely your graphics card though. If you can get it to boot off of the integrated, then that is most likely the source of the problem.

Does the integrated work with the graphics card in?
November 22, 2012 7:21:41 PM

Just tried, no, the integrated doesnt work with the GFX card in. and it doesnt give me the blinking underscore as before.
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November 22, 2012 7:52:58 PM

Sorry, The image shows a 20pin, but the layout of the pins on a 24 seems the same 5 = ground.

So, a 23 pin is a faulty Power supply?
a b B Homebuilt system
November 22, 2012 7:58:56 PM

I really doubt its a fault power supply. Considering the computer starts, its definitely not that.

It has to be something else. There's a troubleshooting guide, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
November 23, 2012 8:30:02 PM

I took it to a pc repair,

Turned out it was a DOA graphics card, The 24pin that actually is a 23 pin connector seems normal (for future google search reference) cuz i couldn't find if that was the problem.

New graphics card installed and all is running . Happy days!

Thx for the responses - solved.
a b B Homebuilt system
November 24, 2012 8:47:13 PM

No problem. Glad you got it fixed! I figured since the power supply was starting, and that its a Corsair, it should be quite reliable.