Hi I have a DVI/VGA windows 7 monitor and 2 computers

I have a windows 7 monitor that has a selection in its menu for DVI/VGA. I have 2 computers XP and windows 7. Can I run both computers off the same monitor. I did try a switch it won't work. My monitor doesn't support XP. But is there a way to hook them up to same monitor. Could you plz explain your answer never tried anything in this area before. I've had kvm switches in the past but my monitor just stays black won't acknowledge the computers on.
Thanks I appreciate any help you can give Elizabeth
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  1. If your monitor is a modern flat screen display with a VGA port and a DVI port, you should be able to connect the XP PC to the VGA and the Win7 PC to the DVI port. Then using the monitor's menu buttons you can switch between the VGA and DVI input. You may have to fiddle with the monitor's on-screen menu a bit to make the VGA display fill the screen.
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