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For my new gaming computer build i'm wondering which would be the better monitor? Both are asus 1920x1080 resolution, but one monitor is 24" while the other is 27". will the space between pixels be THAT much more noticeable in the 27"? also my gpu is an AMD HD 7850.
Links to the monitors:
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  1. Spec wise they are the same, there should be no performance or image quality difference between them.
    Whether the size difference is worth the price increase is up to you.
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    You can search around if you like, but I have not heard from anyone who has bought a 27" 1080p monitor that regretted it. I personally like mine a lot more than my previous 23.6" monitor. The only times you hear about 27" monitors being too grainy, are from those who theorize or compare them to 1440p/1660p monitors, not from those who upgraded from 23" 1080p monitors.

    Especially when it comes to gaming, 27" at 1080p is not a problem.
  3. Ok thanks guys :) I heard somewhere that space between the pixels can be an issue when upgrading to larger sizes with the same resolution, i'm glad to know that won't be an issue! Definitely getting the 27" monitor.
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