How will new iMac compare to my current PC?

Hey guys

I am looking for a basic comparison between the new iMac I am thinking about getting compared to the PC I have now... I know this is the CPU area but if you have any thoughts on the GPU as well I would appreciate it.

Current PC:
i7 950 (bloomfield)
Nvidia GTX 470
6 gig of ram

New iMac
the new Ivy Bridge i7
Nvidia GTX 675MX or 680 MX (not sure the price difference... Don't know if I am going to spring for the 680MX
8 gig of ram (might upgrade later)

How much faster will the new iMac be? Will I be able to do some moderate gaming on it? I am looking for this thing to last me 4-5 years.
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  1. I am curious as to why you'd waste money on an iMac, when you can just as easily build a computer that is more powerful for the same price?
  2. if it's a mac you won't be doing much gaming on steam just saying but honestly the only difference would be cooler temps and less bogging no real speed detection so you could overclock if you wanted to see those speed changes
  3. Well since the IMac will have a laptop GPU there will be no way to upgrade it. And if they follow the resent Mac Book Pro line the ram will be on the motherboard also witch means there will no way to upgrade anything at all. In a word it will a complete waist of money. You could build a much better PC and boot a Hachintosh if you really what to run OSX and have a much faster PC/Hachintosh than you could ever get from Apple.
  4. Hi :)

    Easy answer....

    TWICE the cost...HALF the graphics and upgradeability...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Just as an FYI: It's very easy to make a Hackintosh. Just need to change a single setting in the bios, and your good to go...IIRC.

    Forget that iMac. Not upgradeable at all.

    Just make your own computer. You can build something stronger for half the price, or something many times stronger for the same price.
  6. If you're doing gaming, it's a lot better to stick with a PC. The i7 950 is still very fast, and the MaC has a low-clocked version of the i7. The GPU is a mobile GPU. All your PC needs is a GPU upgrade and you'd beat that iMac.
  7. Performance wise, the iMac would be on par with your current build.
    However, the cost of an iMac is absolutely ridiculous, probably cost upwards of 4-5x your current setup.

    If you are planning to buy a computer, and it has to be a Mac you should make a hackintosh for much cheaper.
  8. Macs are for technically ignorant people who cant build their own rig so they go to Apple and get raped because they don't know any better. Honestly if you were looking for better performance in games then up your graphics card to a 670 or 7950 if you've got the room in your case.
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  10. It will be fast enough. The only thing that actually will put your computer to the test is demanding games. Games like Starcraft 2 will play with near max settings and full resolution. The screen (if it's anything like last years model) is excellent. Don't take up much space and will be upgradeble with new software from Apple for more than 5 years. Don't mind the haters, you won't have any regrets buying this one.

  11. I was going to install boot camp for gaming but apparently boot camp won't work with the 3tb drive. I have been reading its a windows problem not a Mac problem? Not sure what to do now.
  12. one solution.... upgrade! if you're intentions are for gaming id say upgrade your previous rig and you can save a lot of $$$
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