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How long would a GTX 670 last?

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September 28, 2012 6:29:34 AM


I've been using an HD 5770 for the past two or three years now. After having to RMA it on three different occasions and having it upgraded to an HD 6770 which is now starting to give me problems, I figured it's time to upgrade and be done with having to deal with this every few months. After doing some browsing I think I've decided on a GTX 670.

Specifically the EVGA one here:
It'll be $360 for a few more days and apparently the code "PLU72379", which was posted on a few threads around here, will bring it down another $20. I was also planning on selling off the Borderlands 2 code for another $40 bringing the total cost of the card to around $300 or so. This is about how much I was originally planning to spend on an HD 7950 or 660ti.

The main thing I'd like to know now is:
How future proof is this card?
How is EVGA support? Any headaches I should be aware about for whenever I have to deal with them?
Why is this particular one so cheap compared to the usual $400+ price point for GTX 670s and is there any real disadvantage?
Would it be able to overclock fine if I ever chose to (which I don't really intend to do since I lack experience but might look into it down the road)?
How many years will I be able to go gaming at 1080p/1920x1080 and still being able to max out(or play on relatively high) graphical settings on games (Mostly in terms of textures. AA and other fine detail settings wouldn't particularly matter to me quite as much since they aren't things I notice if I immerse myself in a game.).

I really want something that would last me years without worrying about keeping up with upcoming games and having to change parts. Am I correct in assuming that this card will satisfy that well?
Of course, I welcome any suggestions. I have an overall budget of around $300 (after rebates and what not) for this upgrade but can go a little higher or lower depending on what's available. I also wouldn't mind waiting a few more months if it means I can get a better price. Any chance for a few price drops any time soon?

As for my specs:
CPU: Intel i5 2.66 GHz Lynnfield -
Motherboard: ASRock P55 Extreme -
RAM: 8 GBs G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600 -
HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB -
PSU: OCZ GameXStream 700w: -


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a c 262 U Graphics card
September 28, 2012 8:26:13 AM

I believe it was me that found that card for that cheap and posted it on another thread. I found the deal here :

A site I check eveyday. I believe there will be similar sales but overall prices are unlikely to drop much for quite some time. So you are going to have to get lucky with a sale if you want that card in the $300 range.

EVGA has the best warranty and support in the businss. Your system will handle the card with no problems. However on some FPS type games especially you would benefit from a higher clockspeed CPU. This is not a bottleneck, some newer FPS games on large muliplayer servers need a fast CPU to perform well. You can always overclock what you have to ~4Ghz and that would solve the problem.

At 1920 x 1080 a GTX 670 should last at least 2 years as a "max everything"card and another 2 years as a "still solid" card.
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a b U Graphics card
September 28, 2012 9:02:39 AM

If you want a reliable video card, GET ONE WITH A REFERENCE COOLER -- manafacturers (nvidia, ati etc) design the card with VRM, RAM and GPU cooling as required (to spec), aftermarket cards end up cooling the GPU very well but nothing else, the VRM and memory usually bake.

Reference cards also dont bend at all - they remain solid and un-curved so that helps aswell (wont damage the BGA joints).

Oh and finally avoid the stupid OC edition cards (XFX has alpha dog and all that crap) - its 1000x easier to kill a video card compared to a CPU, and not as if overclocking adds more cores (where performance is gained) and memory access width (physical specs, not speeds etc).
September 29, 2012 12:49:56 AM

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