hi all,

I have an XFX 9600 GT LOW POWER Graphics card and the graphics card is missing the power connector on the end as yuo can see in the pic below.

Now from an old graphics card i can remove the power connector and re-solder it to this card.
Can someone tell me if anything will change ?
More stability?

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  1. I wouldnt try it.
    Just keep it as is, it evidently isn't designed to handle more power than the 75W it gets through the PCI-E connection.
  2. what would happen?
    damage the card? or motherboard and more?
    if its only the card at stake i can risk it :D
  3. Could short-circuit it, connecting mobo power back to the PSU without a diode or something to stop the current.
    If you cover that, might do something that would fry the card. You would have to hook that incoming power to the power phases on the card so the energy the GPU gets is clean. And they might not be able to handle the extra current.
    All number of things, would be a pretty complex task. Would need something a bit more precise than a hand-held soldering iron.

    If you value the card and the rig attached to it, I wouldnt try it. If not, go ahead, though I don't really see the point.
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