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Monitor(s) not working after changing CPU cooler

November 22, 2012 10:09:36 PM

Hello people,
I guess the threadname says it all; ever since i've changed my CPU cooler i cant get my monitors to work, everything else seems to be working fine, case fans, gpu fans, cpu fan.
Don't think its my GPU since the fans are doing what they're supposed to do, also when i disconnect the monitors they say "not connected" while they say "no signal" when they are connected.
Ofcourse ive been looking over the internet for a solution and what i came across is cleaning/changing RAM, tried this, no luck. Cleaning the CMOS battery, tried, no luck. Trying another monitor is kinda obvious, no luck there aswell.

So yeah, i hope you experienced people here at tomshardware are able to help me out on this frustrating problem i've got.

Not sure how important my specs are but here they are:
Asus sabertooth 990fx mobo
Amd 8120fx cpu
Msi nvidia 560gtx gpu
2x ripjawx 8gb ram
Cooler master hyper 212 evo cpu cooler

Thanks :)