How can i tell if i have a hd graphics 4000

I ordered my laptop from Dell, it was supposed to come with an Intel HD4000 graphics card, yet I have opened the control panel and checked in the device manager/system and it has the graphics card listed as a HD3000. Is this right? Ive phoned Dell and they said it is listed as the 3000 but is upgraded to the 4000 and all is as it should be.
I dont know enough about specifications to know if she is trying to pull the wool over my eyes.
Can you help?
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  1. Whats the processor?
  2. Its an Intel core IE3
  3. Ivy bridge or Sandy Bridge?
  4. I dont know how to find that out?
  5. ie3-2370M CPU@2.40GHz
    I looked in system and copied this
  6. i3 2xxx= HD 3000
    i3 3xxx= HD 4000
  7. I did think that...ok thanks for your help
  8. You can't upgrade it from HD3000 to HD4000 without replacing the processor, as it is on the same bit of silicon. They must have shipped you the wrong laptop or you ordered something else. Find the invoice and check. If it does say HD4000, demand to have it replaced, as there is a MASSIVE difference between them.

    EDIT: so yes, she is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. They probably want to get rid of a bunch of old chips.
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