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Hello all,

I'm looking to build a new machine. I understand that black friday is a good time to buy discounted PC parts, however, I wont actually be using the machine for the next 3-5 months for various reasons. For this particular case, would it still be recommended to buy parts now? I would think that there will be discounts later on throughout the year next year that would be comparable to black friday.

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  1. Hi, in 5 months the price of the computer parts will be cheaper because they aer being phased.

    So, I wouldn't buy now just because of black friday.
  2. Haswell looks good on paper but I'm taking the same stance that I did on Ivy - if you keep waiting you're just going to keep waiting and never be satisfied with what you have. The next wave of GPUs will probably just be rehashes of the current generation - I'm not expecting anything truly amazing. Same with CPUs.
  3. He's not waiting. He just really doesn't need it right now. He needs a new computer in the next 5 to 6 months.

    So, he's actually preparing.
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