One more thing to go : the motherbord ... lol , please help here ...


I have been going around so many websites , so many reviews , the more I read the more I get confused !!!! tomshardware,xbitlabs,guru3d,overclock3d ........etc !!!

I am building a new system for Gaming and general computer usage ... I always used Gigabyte Mobos but from the amount of no-so-good feedback I think I pass the Gigabyte

Then I started to look at MSI boards , they seem very elegant , well built and high quality , but some reviews show they always score less than Asus boards , and some poeple are having problems with Windows 8 and not detected devices and so on !! what I also liked about MSI is the use of Intel LAN and ALC898 audio which is better than ALC892 in most of Asus boards ...

My parts are :
I7 3770K
Mushkin 2*4 GB 1600mhz 1.5v
Zalman 9900MAX-B CPU cooler
MSI GTX670 Power edition
Corsair AX750 PSU
Corsair 500R case

My priority in a motherboard is :
1.Performance (especially in gaming and getting the most of the GTX670)
1.Stability and robustness with good componants
2.Running cool in all its parts
3.Has good sound and Intel LAN
4.ATX form factor
5.OC ability is NOT important to me(but a plus for s iure)
6.Thunderbolt NOT important
7.Has no issues with devices and generally liked by the people...

So I narrowed down my options in to (price from 180-250)$:
1.Sabertooth Z77 (just concerned about the thermal thingy would make it hot indeed)
2.Maximus V gene (just hate it being mATX so crowded)
3.P8Z77-V (or the deluxe version) (looks cheeper than the above 2 ?!)
4.MSI Z77A-GD80 or 65 ( so many people with bad ram slots,pcie slots,boot problems and bios problems with Windows 8)

My questions are :
-Anyone you elect for me ?
-What if compaired to MSI Z77A-GD80 or GD60 ? Gigabyte is out for me,as well as ASrock..those 2 are not options for me at all.
-Will any of those work with the Zalman 9900MAX cooler [...] 6835118074

Thanks in advance...
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  1. anything with a Z77 chipset

    performance is dictated by the chipset so they all perform exactly the same

    MSI is a brand I avoid , so buy an ASUS
  2. But shouldn't components like caps MOSFETS etc affect how boards perform ? in short build quality..
  3. no

    They might affect extreme overclocks , they might affect reliability
    But they wont affect performance .

    Most of the marketing hype is just hype

    MSI have been having mosfet failures in their AMD boards in a small number of cases .
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