Gtx 660 or radeon 7850/7870

I am generally stuck and want to know wether i should bother getting the nvidia gtx 660 because I've seen a lot of people saying its horrible compared to the new amd's so i wanted to know what the community thought on here.
In advance Thanks for replying. :D
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  1. it depends what games you are playing
    for example nvidia has better drivers for battlefield 3
    i would presonally go with 7850/7870 or even higher :D
  2. I agree not horrible just priced too high. The 7850 and 7870 are both better buys.
  3. I have a gigabyte hd 7850 factory OCed..... and its awesome. I have played BF3 and Crysis on MAX settings ( only shadows were medium ) and it gave me good Fps.... so i'll recommend the 7850/7870
  4. Wow that finally came back in stock. I've seen that and been recommending it (along with a second since I knew it was out of stock). Finally it's back :) Definitely the card you should buy.
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