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Hay this is my secound build and i was wondering if all these parts line up im building a desktop for my mom very limited budget so here are all the parts
Case/480 psu
Mobo its a micro
Gpu radeon 7750 2gb a little over kill for the build but it was realy cheap
8gb ram again a little over kill but realy cheap
Cpu amd atholon quad 3.0ghz 95 watts
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    I would change the motherboard and CPU. Ditch the graphics card and run onboard. Since your mom isn't gonna be running any games other than what comes with windows... which can be dealth with on a I3

  2. I was also wondering about maybe a different case with more fans?
    Should or shouldnt?
  3. gmanhobo7 said:
    I was also wondering about maybe a different case with more fans?
    Should or shouldnt?

    Well what would be the max you would put on a case and Ill lay some options on the table for you
  4. Probly 40 my mom wants a computer less than 340
  5. dang... yo moma is TIGHT. i don't even know a computer you can buy from the store that price... ah

    Computer case:

    Anything else?
  6. Thanks im just getting into putting things together as far as computer info goes so thanks for the help with making sure all the parts work correctly together
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  8. I would do some shopping for a pre built from Lenovo or such.
    Your budget of $340 is probably not realistic.

    Your original build used a logisys case and psu that is cheap.
    Be aware that logisys psu's are considered tier 5( not recommended, replace asap) on this list:

    For web browsing and such, you do not need a discrete graphics card like a 7750; that id for gamers(you perhaps?)
    You will also need to budget for an os which you did not include.

    You also do not need a quad core cpu.
    The Intel G530 would be fine. $50
    Any socket 1155 motherboard will do. $50
    Newegg has a corsair CX430 on sale for $17!! Good psu too.
    A cheap case is OK $25
    OS $80
    I don't think I would buy a refurb hitachi drive. Their reliability is not the best:

    Do you need to add keyboard, monitor, mouse too?
  9. Great to hear!. let me know if you need any help
  10. Im doing a ubuntu os keyboard monitor and mouse i already have and i all ready chanded cses and power source might change hdd if relatily close price
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