Sapphire HD 7950 950Mz faulty ?

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I just built my first computer.

I have a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 950Mz as you might have guessed :p. When benchmarking, and gaming the card has normal (and good !) results, however it runs too hot, and it seems like the third time artifacts appeared in UH :

Unigine Heaven 3.0 benchmark (Everything maxed out at 1080p): 70°C, which is not bad.
Then I tried Guild Wars 2 maxed out at 1080p, and the card was at 80°C max after playing for 10mn, fans were at 68% (GW2 > Furmark ??). I know I could limit framerate to 60, but in other more GPU intensive games, the problem would be the same.
I played Skyrim too, 66°C but it's still a bit too hot for this game from what I've seen on forums.
In UH3.0 however, the third time I noticed that 1 or 2 times some textures dissapeared for a frame or two, in a flash (for example a roof became grey)

Removing the side of the case didn't change anything, temps were almost the same ~1°C, so I guessed it's not a case airflow issue.
BTW, Idle temps while typing this message is 34°C, so it seems normal for this card.
What do you think ? Is the card faulty ? Is there anything I can do ? I don't plan on overclocking the card, will those temps damage it much faster ? (I won't be able to buy a new one for a few years now)

Thanks in advance, and sorry for elementary school english skills :)
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  1. Ok, I'm gonna try that.
    Thanks for your reply !

    Edit: It worked, now i'm at 67-68°C when playing with framerate unlimited @ ~97-98% GPU used. Since it's my first build I guess I was worried for nothing finally. Thanks a lot ! :)
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  3. i have the same problem. i have the 7950 as well but when i set my fans to 100%, it only drops like ~1C.

    I dont know if the card is having problems or not.
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