Check this build and/or make it cheaper please!

Hey people,

I wanted to know if there is any way to make this build cheaper and to know if I made any mistakes on it.

Thanks for any help!

Here is the link :
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  1. First off , 3 channel ram is not would you should be getting. I don't quite remember but why but they just aren't as good. grab youself some corsiar vengance low profile 8gb. 8gb is all you need, games dont even use 4.

    next is your cooling. I don't reccomend liquid cooling because most of the time you can find a better air cooler. Get a hyper 212 evo or noctua d14, depending on how much you plan to oc.

    and finally get a better psu. grab a 750 watt pc power and cooling psu. Dont skimp out on a psu because its what runs your whole pc and a bad one can cause porblems
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    Ditch the liquid cooling.Air cooler is fine. A $30 cm hyper212 will be all you need. Quieter, and more reliable too.

    triple stick kits are ok, but usually used on X58 based motherboards.
    In a Z77 based motherboard, one of the sticks will only operate in single channel mode.
    In this case, if you need 12gb, it will be better and cheaper to buy a 16gb kit of 2 x 8gb. for $50.

    XFX is a good brand, and 550w will run the 7970:
    Look at the Antec earthwatts green 650W unit. $39 after rebate:

    What will you store on a 1tb hard drive?
    A 120gb ssd will hold the os and a handful of games. Perhaps a 180gb or 240gb ssd would let you omit a hard drive altogether. You could always add one later.

    Most any Z77 based motherboard will do. You should be able to find one <$100.
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