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I have been having an issue with my new 7950 and assassin's creed 3. While outside I usually get between 22 and 34 fps, and my gpu is only at about 20-40% usage. So that leads me to believe that I should be getting 40-60fps. So my question is why wouldn't it be getting higher fps? And how can I solve it? Also, in cut scenes it gets higher fps and I get 70%+ usage at these points. It's only this game as also. In metro I am getting 40-55 usually. I played it for about 30 minutes today and it didn't drop below 40 once. On borderlands 2 it was getting about 100-130fps. So I can tell it isn't an gpu issue. I don't understand what going on. Why won't my gpu have a higher percent usage on that game? With those games it also is getting a much higher % usage.
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  1. Yes, it seems that AC3 has problems with AMD GPUs and is horribly unoptimized for some reason.

    You are not alone.
  2. Is there any news on them updating it?
  3. Check out Assassin's creed's forums. Don't play AC games so I'm not as well versed on it.
  4. Would thinks its an optimization or driver issue rather than a hardware thing. Download the latest Catalyst and AC3 patches, if that doesn't fix the problem then you may just have to wait until Ubisoft/AMD fix it.

    Ubisoft had better lift their game if they want any love from PC gamers.
  5. Naw latest drivers don't help jack with this game.
  6. Well all we can hope is there is an update soon.
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