Acquiring Used Parts

What's the general opinion on buying used parts? I'm trying to figure out a $500 budget build, and "lightly used" Craigslist items could give me a totally awesome rig for the money.

Opinions, caution, and advice?

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  1. I would be cautious in everything.

    You lose everything warranty related when you buy second hand stuff.

    Seller can dupe you with non existent parts.
  2. Find out if the component has any issues before you buy it, its on the 2nd hand market for a reason.

    Get the sellers contact info so that if there is any issue you werent made aware of, you can give it back for hopefully a refund. Laying down some kind of agreement to this end would help. Have it on paper or email so they cant try to back out of it.

    Dont buy old components (as in released 2+ yrs ago), chances are you could afford better stuff on your budget new.

    Dont get PSU's and HDD's from the 2nd hand market, these components degrade the most over time and are fairly important.
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