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hi guys i m new with this ip stuff.the problem i face is that i've connected this router with device but whenever i log off or shutdown and start my computer the wifi network is lost as it shows limited access than again i have to open the router setting via its ip in browser and i have to select static ip and enter a diffrent ip everytime and reboot the just makes me angry as i change my ip 50 times a day.the router wizard has some other options like dhcp ppoe and etc.but when i choose them i dont get connected plz help !!
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  1. what kind of internet connection do you have? DSL or Cable

    where do you get the Static IP from?

    what type of router do you use?
  2. i have dsl connection
    i dont have static ip its dynamic provided by isp
    i use tenda 168r 50mbps wifi router
    and i use zte ZXDSL 831 adsl switch also provided by isp
    please help
  3. how are the devices connected?

    phone line to ZXDSL, then to the Tenda, and finally to computer?

    if you are using the Tenda only for the wireless capability, you can convert it to an AP.
  4. yes phone line goes to zxdsl than to wifi, i have one pc connected directly to zxdsl in port 1 and port2 goes to wifi router
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    convert the router to an AP and see if that solves your problem
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  7. thanks brother it really i dont need to take any stress....
  8. but there is one problem i cant acces it from my cell phone
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