What card for first build?

im looking to buy a new computer and it will be my first time building a computer. i've got a couple of different gpu's in mind: GTX 560ti, GTX 660, and (stretching my budget...) GTX 660 TI or Radeon 7950. Which of these cards is the best value for money and will perform the best? I'd rather not try to streatch my budget, but if there is a huge difference I may change my mind. Also in the future i would like to buy another card and run SLI or CrossFire with the card i have, although that wont be for some time as money is tight.

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  1. What's your CPU, what games do you want to play, with what settings and fps, at what resolution?

    Don't plan on going CF/SLI in the distant future - in a year there will be better single card investments than adding a second identical card. SLI/CF is best done immediately or not at all (in most cases).
  2. the HD 7950 is the best bang for your buck card currently
  3. I was thinking of getting this
    http://www.awd-it.co.uk/intel-i5-3570k-4.4ghz-asus-sabertooth-z77-corsair-ddr3-overclocked-gaming-bundle.html (im from the UK btw)
    i wouldn't go SLI/CF in the distant future, but in about 2 months down the line, when i can afford the card
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