Black Friday build for uncle

Right now he's using a Pentium 4 with hyper-threading, 1 GB of DDR2, and a slow old IDE hard drive, so pretty much anything will be an upgrade. I have a specific question about setting up multiple displays, though.

CPU: i5 3570k ($170 at microcenter)
Motherboard: Asrock z77 Extreme4 motherboard ($75)

Only going with the 3570k because if you bundle it with a z77 motherboard, you get $40 off.

HDD: Whatever I find. Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 or 1000 GB. These are still the fastest mechanical drives, right?

SSD: Going to try and pick a small one up for cache. Microcenter has the Agility 4 128 GB for just $70, though. Should I get that and use some of it for cache and then another partition just for frequently used programs? How should I handle 128 GBs? Don't want that to be the C drive.

PSU: 550 Watt OCZ Fatility

RAM: 8 GBs of G. Skill Sniper RAM

I already have that RAM and PSU. I bought them when there was a huge clearance sale somewhere local a couple months back.

Major question: My Uncle wants to have two computer monitors + an HDTV. He wants to be able, for instance, to drag a netflix window over to the HDTV and play a movie full screen and still use the two monitors to do work.

Is this something I can accomplish with a combination of Ivy Bridge and a dedicated AMD GPU? What kind of software and hardware do I need to make this happen?
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  1. Well, I bought it. Still haven't installed the operating system, so advice still welcome on how I split these disks. I'm thinking about putting windows on the mechanical drive and partitioning 60 GBs of the SSD for SRT. I just don't want my aunt and uncle worrying about how much space to keep free on the SSD or how to otherwise manage it to optimize performance.
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