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So I've decided to start gaming on PC and I've been looking a round and I found 3 computers in my price range:

Just click on Specs at the under the picture =D

Can some one that's good with computers tell me which one of these computers would be able to run games like Battlefield 3 on Medium - High Graphics if they could :o

P.S: Am I aloud to place links?
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    None of them. They are either running an AMD APU (Which isnt really enough for smooth 1080p gaming) or a low end laptop graphics card.
    Even the computers they offer as "gaming" machines are ridiculously overpriced for what they offer and are very unbalanced as a build. Ironically the best they offer is one of their cheapest. Still very overpriced though and likely made of low quality components.

    For the price of $1350 one of the pre-builts is asking, you can build yourself a far superior machine even with Australian tech prices.

    If you are willing to build your own, start a new thread with this form filled out.
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