Black Friday Budget Gaming Build

Building a budget gaming PC for my little bro. Went with some recent Tom's Hardware suggestions. Let me know what you guys think. Suggestions always welcome!

Already Have:

Looking at getting:
CPU: $119.99 on amazon
Mobo: $99.99
Graphics: $149.99
RAM: $35.99

I don't really mind not being able to overclock the CPU. From the benchmarks it got it should be capable enough to handle games decently. I know the PSU is a ton of power I don't need but I had it for another build and decided to put it in this.
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  1. Hi, If you don't play WoW then a 7850 would be a better buy than a 560ti :).

    Cheaper and better before rebates. If your little bro plays WoW then that 560ti is pretty good.
  2. Thank you tons for the response and suggestion. There will be no WoW being played. Mostly bf3, skyrim, starcraft II, and of course minecraft... (he's 13)

    I am used to nvidia cards and just haven't researched ati's a lot, so I appreciate the comparison. Every thing else look okay? Any crazy bottlenecks or anything I've missed?
  3. Dang, you're right I did. The board looks pretty similar too. On the latest Sub-$160 motherboards article I was comparing the msi to the others. They showed a decent drop in 3dmark score because the board doesn't include Virtu MVP. Do you think it would show a drastic difference in quality though? $40 worth difference?
  4. Wow, I researched on what you said and you're right. It does make a difference. Sorry for steering you the wrong way. :(

    I learned something new today! Thanks :) Get the Asrock, It's already $99 without the rebates and it has the Virtu tech.
  5. Haha no problem. I'm pretty torn on the Gigabyte board and the ASrock you provided. I can't see a noticeable huge difference except a few usb ports and some extra software. Thanks again for the suggestion. Oh, and I knew there'd be some cheaper RAM somewhere. Didn't really delve too deep on that one so thanks for the suggestion on that as well.
  6. Good luck bro. Asrock is the number 3 motherboard provider in the whole world.
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