Upgrading from gtx 460 to 660 or 660 ti?

Is it worthwhile to upgrade my 460 to a 660 or 660 ti? Or should I wait until next generation, I would love a new card but I can be patient if need be.

Edit: Also I am a pretty big gamer. I play a lot of BF3 and Diablo 3 currently, just in case you were wondering what I do with my computer.
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  1. What are your full system specs including your resolution?
  2. I currently have q6600 at 3 GHz, 4 gigs of ddr2 1066 ram, and my resolution is at 1920x1080. But this week I'm upgrading to an i5 3750K, 8 gigs of ddr3 1600 ram, and new motherboard. Just was wondering if I should keep my current card or not
  3. I have my GTX460 with my 2500K, which is pretty close to your 3570K in performance as well as 8GB of RAM. I can play most games on high still on it, but its all about what your preference is.

    What games will you be playing?

    How much do you care about settings? Some will not settle for less than ultra, and some of us are fine with medium-high.
  4. on paper, a 460 to 660ti is a pretty big jump - just raw data alone says this in terms of texel fill rate. I know this isnt representative of real-world necassarily but, as Deemo says, it depends on what settings you like to run games at. I think from what I have read that for the money, the 660 or 670 are the best nvidia chips around at the moment.
  5. I play a lot of battlefield 3, Diablo 3, and borderlands 2 and playing on ultra would be great but I'm not that worried about it. Currently my ram and CPU are holding my computer back, so I am definitely upgrading those.
  6. Well, my 460 pulls hard in all of those games except for Borderlands 2 due to Physx. I have a dedicated Physx card to do so.

    Depending on your motherboard, if you have a old Nvidia 8xxx series or greater card, you can use that for Physx.

    The 460 should do well in BL2 though without a Physx card. If you like, I can try it without my Physx card and see what frames I can pull. Is yours the 1GB model?

    Any other games you would want me to test?
  7. Yeah it's 1gb
  8. lizardguts said:
    Yeah it's 1gb

    Good. You have the good card. I would wait for your new parts to see how everything performs. If you don't like it, then upgrade.

    I might even consider buying that card from you if you get rid of it. I really want a 460 to SLI.
  9. Well it's tough choice. I really want to upgrade, just wondering if it's the smart choice vs waiting til next gen.
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