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I need a bit of advice with a new home built system.

I've started off with a ECS A990FXM-A, 4GB Kingston HyperX and a 650W power supply. I'm grabbing an AMD FX-4170 to drop in along with some SATA drives I already had. And here is where I'm at. I'm down to ~$100 left to finish the build. And I'd like some help with the rest.
I've read the different charts, compared the different prices, and to be quite honest I'm a bit overwhelmed. I need a lower end video card and possibly a case. I have a case - but the ECS board won't fit without some major duct taping. A friend may have a case he's willing to trade - but I'm not counting on it. I bought the ESC board with future upgrades in mind (and I fell in love with the idea of dual LAN onboard).

So with all that in mind - what case or video card would be recommended? I'd like to get out as cheap as possible, but I'd like for the video card to not be basically trash. I do have another PC (my wifes) that I could drop the card in when it's feasible to upgrade mine.
Also, the case is not something I'd nit pick about - but some nice airflow and cable management would be bonus.
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    I would check craigslist for a case. This morning someone had a Liam Li aluminum for $50, and newegg has the antec 300 for only $30 after rebate. I got my last one free and gave it away. I use an htpc case now, but you rarely see those on sale. Frys had my msi 210 free after rebate again this morning. It's fan free, which is what I prefer, but you can get some basic cards for around $55-60 after rebate such as this one: Good luck.
  2. Yeah, I've been looking at Newegg and a couple other sites - but there's just too many different choices. There's too many versions of the same cards. Toms has the Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 or Radeon HD 7750 listed as the best cards for PCIe at $110 or under. However, there are so many variants of those two cards on the market....
    I'm seeing Zotac brand cards for real cheap, but I have no experience with this manufacturer. And the last thing I want is to drop money on a card and there be some sort of issue (as I was reading about my mobo on a different site)...
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  4. Ok, thanks for the limited input - but thumbs up o1die I decided to get one of the cases you mentioned.
    I also settled for a 6770, as I found one on sale in my price range.
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