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I have been keeping an eye on the EVGA GTX 580 Superclocked for the past few days now, which the price is currently sitting at $499. Which is really good since I have no budget but aren't planning on getting a 690 which would be an overkill. So if I pair this GPU with this CPU: Core i5 3570k will it bottleneck? Right now I have a GTX 570 and it seems normal but. So just asking for some help as I'm planning to get this card at Christmas time or maybe even boxing day.

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    i5 3570K.
    GTX 580.
    Will it bottleneck?

    Absolutely not, it would be more than enough. Ivy i5 (and Sandy i5 too) won't bottleneck even two GTX 690s/HD 7990s, so you really shouldn't worry about it.
    The only real difference between Sandy/Ivy i5 and i7, is in that i7s has higher stock frequencies and has "Hyper Threading" enabled (which i5s don't have).
    Other than just that, there is not that much of a difference, and i5s will easily run monsters like GTX 690/HD 7990 without any problems at all.
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    You're always welcome. Have a nice day/night, and I wish you the best of results.
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