FIRE AT WILL!!! 670, 680, 690 VS

Alright the time has finally come. I am looking at getting a new gpu or set to upgrade my rig. my current lil 560ti is capping me out I think. I am looking to upgrade to any of the following combinations from evga:

1x GTX670

2x GTX670

3x GTX670

1x GTX680

2x GTX680

1x GTX690

all of these combinations are using 4Gb cards and I think my current psu/rig will handle them fine. So which would you go for and why?
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  1. If you're at 1080p, then a 670 is the best choice.
  2. I have 3x screens all of which are 1920x1080 looking to maybe do a surround setup if the cards allow.
  3. Quote:
    If you can afford it why would you go for anything less than the 680 sli or 690?

    Seems like a silly question. Why? Get the most you can afford!

    Quick Edit: Maybe 3 way 670. Still would be with either a 680 x 2 or 690 tho. I prefer the fewest cards possible.

    My first problem is the 690. I don't like the idea of having 4Gb shared between the two chips. Higher resolutions need more memory especially if I'm turning AA and MXAA/FXAA up.

    The 680's are essentially 670's with a few more cuda cores. Everything I've read seems to indicate that overclocking a 670 will produce an equal or better card to the 680.

    I'm leaning towards a pair of 670's or a pair of 680's. And while I could do the 680's is the price per dollar really worth it? There isn't that much difference and will that tiny "upgrade" be worth the extra $$$?
  4. Get 2x 670's. Better than 2x 680's. Get the 4GB version of each card, and that will be an awesome setup.
  5. @hasten

    What do you mean? The 670 so close to the 680 performance wise. Whatever you can OC the 680 to, the 670 can probably OC the same.
  6. If you can afford it get a 690 if not get two 670 4gb models that's my recommendations there plenty reviews to look up and see why good luck!
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    2x 670's would be equivalent to a 690 since a 690 has 2x downclocked 680's. And those 670's have more overclocking headroom.
  8. My original inclination was a pair of 670's and the more I read I see it was a good choice.

    Gonna swipe up a pair of these beauties :wahoo: :

    and with all the money I DIDN'T spend on 680's or 690's I'm gonna finish building my dual socket westmere folding server :na:
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