Nvidia Chipset drivers and Driver Sweeper 3.2


I have an ASUS P5Q3 motherboard and an ASUS nvidia geforce gtx285 gpu.

Yesterday, I booted windows 7 in safe mode and run Driver Sweeper to clean Nvidia display drivers, PhysX drivers, Nvidia chipset drivers and then installed in safe mode the newest WHQL driver, only to find out now that I should have not removed Nvidia chipset drivers with Driver Sweeper because I would have not been able to reboot afterwards (according to

However, I didn't encounter any issues with rebooting or any other in that matter. So my question is now, what "damage" did I do and do I have to re-install anything ?

I am looking forward to your feedback,

Thanks in advance !!
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  1. put back the chipset driver you been advise not to remove it
  2. Unfortunately I don't know how to do that. Not sure if that chipset driver is different from the display drivers I download from nvidia website from time to time. Do I have to download them separately?

    I would like someone to provide me some instructions,

    Thanks in advance !!
  3. those are the driver for your motherboard check to find the one you need or you could use that and install the plug in page made with the translator this is free and will tel you witch driver is missing or not
  4. As a side note, Nvidia automatic driver detection tool states I do not need any drivers.

    What are the use of these Nvidia chipset drivers I deleted via Driver Sweeper ? How does not having them affect the real-time performance of my gpu ?

    Furthermore, are these nvidia chipset drivers part of a clean windows 7 version and thus will I be able to re-install them by doing a format ?

    Thanks in advance !
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