How do you use the motherboard video output?

Right now I'm using HDMI coming from my 7870 to connect to my monitor. I don't like the overscan/underscan stuff, so I want to use the VGA on my motherboard instead. Would anything bad happen if I used the motherboard output instead of the video card output? If there are no side effects, how would you go about enabling the mobo output? I tried plugging the VGA from the mobo to my monitor and nothing comes up.

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  1. That motherboard video output is only usable when using the on board IGP. You'd have to remove the 7870 and use the integrated GPU for it to be usable. I don't think you want to do that. Just adjust the overscan issues in the CCC or on the monitor itself to fix it.
  2. Ergggg. I suppose I could try to get a DVI/HDMI to VGA adapter. I will likely get a new monitor soon and just use DVI.
  3. HDMI inputs on monitor's are usually for using DVD/BD players. They use the TV standard hence you get issues like having to correct overscan, as well the resolution is LOCKED so you can't change it in a game.

    What you want is this:
    1) DVI->VGA adapter for your graphics card
    2) VGA cable

    How it works:
    Your graphics card is sending BOTH the digital (DVI) and analog (VGA) signals to the DVI output. The VGA adapter is simply connecting to ONLY the VGA signals.

    See your motherboard manual because some DVI outputs are "DVI-D" meaning just the digital so no VGA adapter works and some are "DVI-I" meaning "integrated" (it has both outputs).

    DVI->VGA adapter (should have come with graphics card).
  4. to the op on the new mb is the bios there should be two settings. one for the first video adaptore. most times it set to auto. you want to change that to ipgpu. the second is for two screen support. most times when a gpu is connected the ipgpu will turn off. with muilt monitor or ipgpu support both chipset will be on. the only draw back is with some game playing the gpu going to work better. the trick there is just move the video cable when you play high end games or power down and swap the cable. the other thing is the ipgpu going to use some of the system ram as video ram.
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