Canon network printer stopped working on win7

Canon Mx850 networked printer has been working fine on Win7 64 and WinXP. Today after printing several docs I suddenly cannot print from Win7. I can get to printer status page from IE9 with no trouble so that IP address is correct. I can scan from the device on Win7 using Twain. I can print fine from WinXP. When I print from Win7 the Print Queue shows print-error under status.

Ideas? Thanks.
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  1. i would try to reinstall the win 7 driver
  2. Thanks. I tried that with no change. On the Win7 PC, under Devices and Printers, the MX850 status says "Ready". No sign of any issue until I try to print from Win7. Also if I connect the printer to the Win7 machine via USB I can print fine.
  3. check wireless setting to printer
  4. It is a wired network. Also I can open the printer's status page using IE9 on the Win7 machine, and also I can scan documents from the printer on Win7. Don't think this is a network connection issue.
  5. check if the printer is the default one in control panel,see if share this printer is check and what you got under security setting ,permit print should be check for everyone
  6. It's the default printer. Tried sharing on and off. This has worked for months. Just as of midday today, cannot print from Win7. Can scan from Win7. Can print from WinXP. On Win7 the printer device nornally shows "Ready", once I print it shows a document in the queue and "error". The printer is linked by ethernet to the router, and the printer's control panel works fine when accessed in IE9 via its IP address. Seems like a print spooler or service issue on Win7?
  7. I worked through the selective boot procedure, starting with all services and startup items disabled and then gradually adding them back in. Each time I was able to print a test page. Then I tried opening IE9 with “reopen last browsing session” and tried to print a page from there. The problem immediately returned, and after that I couldn’t even print the test page without rebooting. So one of the windows that was open in IE9 (32 bit) was the culpri - an IE9 window can stop network printing. Sadly I lost track of all the open when I started Googling the services to figure out which ones to leave off. Anyway things are working again. Case closed.
  8. glad you got it back there is a ie 9 version for win 7 x 64
  9. Thanks, me too :) FYI I posted on Canon USA support and had suggestions back really quickly. Have to say that was very nice.

    I have used the 64 bit IE9 but there are various issues (Norton features that don't work, plug-ins that don't work, etc) so I just use the 32 bit version most all the time.
  10. witch are the plug in you need
  11. I had trouble with Norton Identify Safe plus a few others. Only available solution was use 32 bit IE9. Apparently many Active-X controls have trouble. There is an interesting summary here:
  12. ther is a java plug in for ie 9 in 32 and 64 you could also use firefox it use java to with different plug in
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