Connecting a Radeon 6450 to 720p HD tv

I recently purchased an asus hd radeon 6450 silent for my htpc and i want to occasionally connect it to an older hdtv. However, the hdtv doesn't have any hdmi, Vga, or dvi inputs. It has composite, component, and s-video. The tv Supports 720p. The graphics card has Vga, dvi, and hdmi out. So far I know that my main options are either some cable that converts the cable ends or a conversion box. Is there an option for me to use a cheap cable that I can buy off ebay for <$15?
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  1. name and model of your tv
  2. Um. I'm not currently with the tv atm, and won't be for another 5 days unfortunately. All I know is that the tv is a silver Sony wega and it's either 40 or 42 inches. It's a flat screen lcd and is from before 2006. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.
  3. it will be easier with the tv model number so i be around when you will have it
  4. Alright, I've got the tv infront of me right now!

    It's a Sony Wega KE-MV42A1 Plasma.
  5. found your tv it connect to svideo or dvi to rca same with vga to rca there are some adaptor on the web you will have to check carefully some of them are not made to work with tv

    dvi to component adapter^^

    3.5mm to rca adapter for sound^^^

    a cheap set of component cables if you haven't got some.^^^

    these should do the trick for you. in the reviews for the adapter there are plenty of cases of people using it on other graphics cards. if it doesn't work you're not out much.

    hope this helps!
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