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What if mobo and cpu both have integrated graphics?


After reading some articles on the latest AMD Trinity APU, im looking forward to build a low cost budget mini-itx pc for everyday uses and very light gaming without using a discrete card.

I'm really interested in A10-5700 with integrated Radeon HD 7660D, as it is much better than the Intel HD 4000.

I know i haven't seen the cpu and the motherboard in the market yet, and the question below doesn't limit to this build:

Could there be a case that both the motherboard and cpu has its own integrated graphics? what would happen? and can i make use of the two or do i just have to leave one disabled?

Thanks for any ideas! :love:
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    I haven't heard of any ''recent'' motherboard with integrated graphics and even if there was one, i'm not sure that you could crossfire them. But that is never going to happen in 2012 :).
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