Graphics card size, pleasssee help!!!

I am going to buy a Dell Optiplex 740 sff desktop (it comes with the laptop type optical drive). What types of video cards will fit in it?
Would an HD 6570/5450 fit in it? [...] hspecs.pdf [...] hspecs.pdf
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  1. Don't expect to fit a video card in that thing.
  2. Typically, you can only install low-profile video cards into SFF computers. Something like this one:

    You use the included low profile bracket.

    With SFF systems, you often have fairly low wattage power supplies. Since that is the case, your options can be very limited. You can probably get away with the GPU I recommended as long as you don't overclock the video card.

    Good luck!
  3. Well i dind't know you could fit a graphics card in something so small... interesting :p
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