Need to upgrade from my 9800GTX - $200 budget

Ever since upgrading to a higher res monitor I have been experiencing lower frame rates on my flight simulator program.

I run dual monitors, a 27" (2560x1440), and a 24" (1920x1200)

I like to have the Sim running on the 27" high res screen and whatever else im doing on the other one. Ill usually have an internet browser open on the 24" screen so I can multitask.

Current Specs:
ASRock H77M LGA 155 Intel, 1-PCIE 3.0 Slot.
Intel Core i5-3570k
16GB DDR3 1600 RAM
PC Power and Cooling 750W PSU (Single 60A rail)

I'd like to spend as little as possible topping out at about $200 MAX. I'm not a big gamer but when my flight-Sim starts to slow down I gets cranky.
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