Help whats the difference?

Because of the long name just call them a,b,c

A )
B )
C )

Whats the difference between them, other then the amount of fans? Would it be worth spending more on one or is it just a waste?
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  1. C has (imo) the best cooling solution and has more overclocking potential. It will also be quieter. B is not worth it. I think you should get the windforce.
  2. Well first of all A is a reference cooler design which should be where you make your first decision. Non-reference coolers, as in the second two, will operate cooler and quieter, at the expense of ejecting the hot air into your case. This isn't a problem at all if you have decent ventilation, but for smaller form factor cases or cases with really cluttered wires and poor airflow, reference is a really good choice because it exhausts all the air out the back. EVGA is a really good brand. Each of these cards differ about 1" in length, so that's also a consideration.

    I can't wrap my brain around WHY the Galaxy card is $42 more than the Gigabyte, so this isn't even a question. Yeah you get a slightly higher core and boost clock, big deal. Out of those three, get the Gigabyte card.

    I would also recommend this one, best ban for your buck imo, great power and cooling.
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