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Hello Everyone..
this post is in reference to my other post

So things boil down to this
I need to setup my Netgear as a switch/access point

I need the following set-up

My ipconfig /all reports

I tried converting the router using the sticky
Was unable to get it work :(

Help appreciated

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  1. it seems that you are trying to share the 3G internet connection via a NIC on your Desktop, what Ip does laptop2 have?
  2. Automatically set
    neither laptop one nor laptop two are able to connect to the internet
  3. can you connect if the laptop is directly connected to the desktop?
  4. i was able to connect upto a little while ago..
    before connecting the router to my desktop i was using a crossover cable to share the internet from Desktop to laptop successfully. But after connecting the router the crossover cable internet sharing is not working anymore..
    my LAN adapter on Windows is showing Unidentified network(No valid IP). and on laptop(Ubuntu) i am not getting an internet connection.
    Previously i used to get the connection on Ubuntu :(

  5. some time the "internet access" on unidentified network changes to no network access
  6. i can ping the ip of the LAN on Desktop( from Laptop(Ubuntu)
    Laptop 1 has windows on it..
    checking internet on that
    will update
  7. No internet connection on any of the machines other that the Desktop on which the 3g modem is connected
  8. you need to get the ICS on the Desktop working again before connecting the router as an AP.

    once the ICS is working you should be able to get the IP info needed from the laptop to setup the router as an AP

    make sure the DHCP is disabled on the router before you connect it to the desktop or it might disable the ICS

  9. ICS was enabled and i was accessing internet on my other computers through LAN.
    after experimenting with the router somehow i am unable to do that even.
    the above pic is my current ICS config
  10. did you assign a static ip to the desktop?

    I expected the IP of the LAN to end in .1
  11. after enabling ICS i had set all the ip addresses to be set automatically
  12. but setting it to obtain automatically give me no internet connection in the LAN(No Internet Access)
  13. setting Default gateway :
    IP :
    subnet :
    give me
  14. can you set the LAN IP to
  15. my netgear's default gateway is
  16. does your Desktop connect to the router's WAN port?
  17. router has 4 ports and one ADSL port
    Idk about the WAN port :P
  18. netgear DGN1000
  19. Best answer
    what is the LAN IP of the router?

    if the desktop's IP is, the router should have and DHCP disabled
  20. desktop's LAN ip is
    router IP is
    when i type in the address bar i get to the router's setting page
  21. now i have connected Desktop and Laptop2 using the router..
    Desktop and laptop have static ip address.
    i am able to access sharing of the flies from both the machines
  22. set the router to
  23. how can i set the router's IP address?
  24. ok SET
  25. i can see that on my laptop i hava a
    Internet Access

    but i am unable to ping any website
    i can ping my local ip and access file sharing
  26. Gnite sir..(it's 12AM in India now :P)
    thanks for ur efforts.. may b we will continue this tomorrow :)
    Regards M@ver!ck
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