New build. 2 harddrives, 2 different OS

My old comp took a dump. I was on WinXP. I just ordered parts for a new build and I'll be upgrading to WIN 7 on a new hard drive. Is it possible for me too hook up the HDD with XP on this new build to recover information onto a thumbdrive and then install the new HDD with WIN 7?

My concern is, will booting up the WINXP HDD first mess with the settings in the MOBO bios when I install the new HDD with WIN 7?

Ive built 2 comps in the last 20 years and Ive never had to upgrade the OS, so I dont know what to expect. Any insight into this subject is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for the answers. Apologies if this isn't posted in the correct forum
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  1. install the new drive
    install win 7 , and get it all running

    connect the old hard drive

    and windows 7 will be able to read all the files and copy them to the new drive
  2. Thanks outlander_04.
    Something I forgot to mention, although I'm pretty sure it shouldn't matter, but my old HDD is a 3GB/s, and the new HDD is 6GB/3. after i install the old HDD, i just boot into WIN 7 and I should be able to see the other HDD and access it by going to "my computer?"

    Does the old HDD need to be installed as a slave and the new one as master, or is that not needed these days? Its been a long time since I've dealt with this kinda stuff. Thanks again
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