Gtx 550ti

First of all sorry for my bad English .

I wanted to ask everyone of you that i am going to upgrade my Computer .

My Specification are :-
AMD Athalon II X3 445 3.1 GHz
4GB Kingston DDR3 1333MHz Ram
Simm-N68D3 Motherboard
Beetel B450 450w Power supply
Samsung 17" monitor with 1024X768 native resolution and maximum resolution 1280X1024 .
I am thinking of getting Nvidia GTX 550 TI 1GB GDDR5 .
My budget is rs. 10,000 .

Any help will be appreciated ..

Thanks in Advance ..
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  1. Can you give a link to an online store that you can buy from? I'm not familiar with other country's stores and if you give me a link, I'm sure that I can make recommendations. I think that you can get a Radeon 7770 for your budget, but without a link, I can't be sure if you can (the 7770 is a generally superior card compared to the GTX 550 Ti despite often similar pricing)
  2. Not even close. The 7770 has a substantial lead on that.

    I found this 7770. After the cash back, it's only a little over 10,000 rs.

    Another good option is this Radeon 7750:
    It's cheaper than the GTX 550 Ti while having on-par performance (generally very slightly faster than the 550 Ti, but it's unlikely to be enough of a difference to notice the difference in-game). The lower power consumption of the 7770 and especially the 7750 are also good selling points for them.
  3. before buy from flipkart plz read post on facebook

    think twice before buy
  4. Look at this and make it clear how the amd 7770 is faster than the gtx 550ti .
  5. by the way i'm going it to buy from a local store in Chandigarh. SO please help me guys really Stuck ...
  6. HWCompare is useless for comparing gaming graphics cards. They don't run tests. They use faulty math (not even benchmarks) and they're even less accurate than synthetic benchmarks (which are already useless for comparing cards that aren't of the same family). The 7770 has a significantly faster GPU compare to the GTX 550 Ti. Some 7770s can fight with even the GTX 560 and the GTX 550 Ti is very far from it.

    For example:
    This has in-game benchmarks. The 5970 is clearly faster, but not even close to being the near 300% that the texel and pixel rate imply.,3135-6.html
    This is old, so it's not entirely accurate, but the 550 Ti has had little to no driver performance advancement whereas the 7770 has had considerable driver performance enhancement, so it actually understates the 7770's advantage.
  7. Hey Actually While I was searching for cards at flipkart I got this can it outperform both gtx 550ti and Hd 7770 or i am just wasting my time over it .
  8. The 7770 is better than the 6790. The reference 7770 is about on-par with the reference 6850 with current drivers. However, the 6790 is fairly close.
  9. Can i run AMD HD 7770 with my 450w cheap PSU ...
  10. I think so. However, my Google searchs on your PSU has not helped me get specifics on it, so I don't know how reliable it is and I can't honestly make a guarantee about this.
  11. 7770 only uses 80 watts maximum I believe, so you should be able to.
  12. If the power supply has a combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 23 Amps or greater and has at least one 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector then it will be sufficient.

    Indian manufacturers don't seem to reveal/publish the important specifications.
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