Which of these builds would you do?

In another post, i asked for suggestions on a build with a 1300 dollar budget.

I've come up with two variants One, an Amd build, one a Intel build.

Please tell me which you would do thanks.

First the amd build:

and then the intel build.

so which would you suggest, and with the one you suggest would you make any changes?
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  1. Your amd build is wrong... You have two GPUs: in cpu and discrete. Thats just money wasting.

    Here's rational amd build:
  2. that was a mistake, thanks for pointing it out
  3. Between Your Intel and Tremor's AMD build, your Intel.
    Though it may be better just because you have sunk $400 more into it.
  4. butremor said:

    If you are willing to spend ~1200 for the Intel build, add a second 7950 (cross fire) to the AMD build listed above, and you will bury the $1200 Intel build in most games.

    Or you could go with a 680 and a small SSD for your OS (again with the AMD build), and still outperform the intel build in games.
  5. So pretty much you are just asking which GPU is better. 7850 vs 7950. I think the answer is obvious, the 7950. I'm not even comparing the A10-5800K to the i5 3570K as the difference is night and day between the two.
  6. actually as far as graphics and games, i'm not a gamer, well i am but console games. im not a pc gamer. This build is mainly for ripping and burning and converting movies and just basic stuff. I need power that can convert differnt formats FAST and storage. I already have the storage which is why i didnt list any.
  7. 8-core AMD Pile Driver and a decent video card should do that well. ^
  8. So why have you specced a gaming rig?

    Get an i7, 16GB of RAM and a fairly weak Nvidia GPU you can harness for its CUDA.
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    Yep. This is where the 8 core FX CPU's finally shine. Just get a FX-8350/8320, overclock that puppy a bit, and pair it with maybe a GTX 650ti or a HD 7850 if you want the extra power.
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