Two videocardss

so i have bought a new laptopt its del inspirion, i have checked many topics, but none gived me answer :/

so i have the intel hd 4000 one and ati radeon 7670, i have installed all drivers, but when i disable intel hd one in device manager its shows me that i dont have video card at all , heres some pictures
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  1. Don't disable the Intel one.... Its either running off the 7670, or has switchable graphics
  2. HD4000 is the integrated graphics in the Ivy Bridge CPU, it is automatically overridden by your discrete graphics card. No need to disable it.
  3. but how can i get my 7670m to work? well on switchable grapichs all i can do its set my game to high performance but still doesnt look like anythings has been switched minimal fps difference
  4. anyone?
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