Need some advise

I have a Dell Precision T5400

2x Xeon Processor
8x 8GB Ram DDR2
2x 1TB HDD
1x NVidia FX4600

i need some advise, im planning to upgrade the Video Card to HD 7950, my question is does the Dell Precision Supports newer Graphic Cards, newbie here
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  1. The main thing to look at when upgrading GPU's is the power of your PSU, which isn't listed.
    Powering a 7950 requires 2 PCI-E connectors and recommended 500W PSU.
    According to information the PCI-E ports are all 2nd gen, which means you're good to go on most modern GPU's, just make sure your PSU can handle them.
  2. oh yeah i forgot to put the PSU - 875W

    Tnx man appreciate your help.
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