PSU needed for upgrades, help

Ok, I built my first gaming pc on a budget back in May 2012. My initial build was:
fx 4100
radeon 6850
asrock 970 extreme 4
500 gb hdd 7200 rpm
optical drive
8 gb gskill ram 1600
thermaltake smart series 630w 80 plus
nzxt 410

I thought that this thing was going to last me a long time before I would upgrade (even though I built it with upgrading in mind). however, now I am taking a break from college and have a job... ssooooo it is turning into my hobby to buy little upgrades for my machine, and I am slowly turning it into a very competent pc. First upgrade was a Kingston hyper x 3k 90 gb ssd, then windows 8, and I just recently got a fx 8350.

Since then I have realized that my mobo is crap for 8 cores, so I am getting an asrock fatal1ty with 8 more gb of ram for Christmas along with a 1080p monitor (currently have a 720). Next on my list is the radeon 7950. I plan on getting the vapor x oced edition with boost from Sapphire.

so, my question is: is the thermaltake smart series 630w 80 plus psu good enough for the upgrades that are coming within the next month, or should I buy a new psu as well -.-

New build should look like:
fx 8350
radeon 7950 oced w/ boost
asrock fatal1ty
16 gb gskill ram 1600
90gb Kingston hyper x 3k
Seagate 500 gb 7200 rpm
optical drive
nzxt phantom 410
psu ????
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  1. it should be ok with a single GPU. Thermaltake isn't horrible, but there are better manufacturers out there.
  2. but my cpu (plan on ocing it) will consume up to 360w if oc in the high 4's. And the gpu will pump out 400+ under load. not to mention the other components suck up about 40w
  3. a HD6850? its 180W under load
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