GTX 560 Non TI 50-60 degrees celsious on idle

Guys i need help, i have , i dont know if i should say a problem but its pissing me off. So basicly, i went to nvidia control panel, someone told me to check options there. Anyway, WITH adaptive option i get 30-40 idle but i get 80-90 when playing something intensive (like bf3). If i turn adaptive OFF i get 55-60 idle but i get 75max when playing intensive games like bf3. What the hell?

Should i worry or not? I made a mistake and i got a very bad case, 8mm fans only , i managed to fit a 9mm one there dont ask how and i added another 8mm on the back to blow out, it helped lower the tems by at least 10degrees... I am aware that with my rig i should have at least a 120mm ones blowing inside and another one blowing outside but is there a way to lower temps without this paying for a new case since 50 euros is kind of a 1/4 salary in my country ? I cleaned the dust too so its not that.

i5 2500k 3.3
4gb ram ddr3
gtx560 non ti
mobo : asus p67 mb pro

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  1. well you can did it the way my friend did, just pick up a drill and drilled some holes and make slots for more fans


    you got thermal problems, try checking the card out, or if you don't want to get it for rma or something if you just bought it.
  2. Thanks a lot mate , the drill thing worked, i couldnt get 120mm but i could get one 9mm to blow in and other one to blow out, now my computer is heat free finally. :D Thanks man!
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