Disappointed in new Monitor (Asus (PA238QR)

After doing some homework I decided to go out and purchase this great looking monitor. However when I got it home and fired it up, I was faced with some pretty serious backlight bleeding. On a dark screen the bottom right corner had lots of white bleedthrough and the bottom left had pinkish bleeding.

I took it back to staples and exchanged it, hoping that it was an isolated incedent, but was let down to discover that the same problem existed.

Anyone have any suggestions for another monitor? I choose asus because they are known for quality products but that does not seem to be the case with this monitor.

Looking for suggestions on similarilary priced monitors.
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  1. Do you have magnets nearby?
  2. No, no magnets, its sitting ontop of my desk with only my keyboard and mouse.

    But you have the right idea. The left side looks like it has been exposed to a magnet. I thought that the batch of them could have been improperly stored?? But wouldn't they degauss themselves?

    I have read that viewsonic has some really nice monitors around the $200 price range?
  3. Hmm, have you tried change settings by buttons on monitor?
    Or else , upgrade your video drivers?
    Maybe whole batch is near magnets at store, but idk.

    Dunno about viewsonic, but my LG serves me good.
  4. I returned the Asus after testing out 4 seperate displays. All of which had a pink glow comming from the bottom left and a white glow comming from the bottom right.

    I am going to try ordering http://ncix.com/products/?sku=70261&vpn=LS24A650SSK%2FZA&manufacture=Samsung&promoid=1030

    Anyone have any input on this Samsung?
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