I3 2100 bottleneck 4x 7990?

Some people say you need four cores or else nothing, but the i3 has 3 threads, so am I good?
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  1. help
  2. I am far from an Expert but if you have dual 7990 that little I3 is going to be a HUGE BOttle Neck if you actually have 4 7990's you might as well forget it, sell a 7990 on ebay and get a i5 K and over clock it otherwise those video cards are going to starve
  3. No because 4 cores = 1 core for each gpu
  4. Either you're an idiot or this is a troll thread. Seriously, $4000 worth of graphics cards on a $100 CPU? Nope.
  5. Cant have more than four GPU's in a Crossfire/SLI array (each 7990 has two GPU's). Can only have a max of two.

    If you somehow got around this, then yes your low end i3 CPU will bottleneck your four super premium $1000 graphics cards.
  6. It wasnt that expensive, I got them each for around $50 form my uncle. He showed me how to use them on his PC, he was running bf3 on like 300ish FPS. Then he unplugged them, and then gave me the wires with the card thingy. And would a Pentinum do it? I`m on a budget of $120
  7. Go back to 4 Chan.
  8. Its what you see on that link but no colors, its gray, like idk, not painted
  9. Maybe post some pictures?
  10. successful troll is successful...

    Those cards will bottleneck the i3 2100, go for something cheap like a pentium g440 cause still it will bottleneck that powerful cpu.
    Or buy at least more 4 cards for that cpu with a mobo asus maximus VIII ultra you can do 8x7990 crossfire and then it will be worthy of the i3.
  11. Derp.
  12. No its the 7990 on the other link just no color. And he has 6x of them in his mobo but he gave me 4 for my bday last month.
  13. Just.....quit. It's not in the least bit funny to anyone. Go be "strange" and edgy somewhere that cares.
  14. One question.
    Is your uncle Bill Gates, and can he somehow transcend the laws of electronics and graphics cards that state "No more than four GPUS in crossfire/sli".

  15. What are you all talking about, he has a red mobo with like 50 holes for plugging stuff into it, and he has a exeon or whatever running it
  16. LOL I really hope this guy is trolling or he's an idiot
  17. Please gtfo, he fit it and it worked.
  18. OK then.
    Lets say you do have four 7990's and can somehow get them all in Crossfire (you cant, max of two of them). Your Core i3 2120 will bottleneck the cards without doubt (even with only two of them). You need to upgrade the CPU if you want the get the full potential from the cards.
  19. :P 3770k?
  20. I'm thinking more along the lines of an 8 core xeon.
  21. :P thats overkill, I don't want to overkill this.
  22. I cant believe I'm the first to ask for some pictures or something.
  23. ^Your not.

    Lets just say that Dual (or you insist Quad) 7990's is already vastly overkill. You have long stepped over that line.
  24. Why is this getting trolled on, just because I got a great deal everyone hates me D:
  25. No, because what you are saying is impossible to us. No one knows how to help you because the fact is that 8 gpu's cannot be linked either in CFX or SLI. Photos would help us understand more of what you are actually trying to describe. Have you actually asked your uncle what he is running? You should confirm with him what you are actually buying. Each card itself, like people have stated, costs $1000 so you can imagine our disbelief at you buying each for $50.
  26. I was thinking... maybe confused for a 7900GTX? Although I can't imagine one of those old cards selling for $50 each. Also, they can only run 2 way SLI so who knows...!
  27. He is trolling us guys.
  28. hhmmmm 4x 7990s . .sounds like a potential PCI 2.0 bottleneck then . . . an ivy celeron will fix that.
  29. Can you check if the picture of the of the actual cards looks like these?

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