My 1st build

Is my build good for a first time builder? I will mostly be playing games, like Dishonered and Half Life 2, school work, and a little 3d modeling on Inventor. I might do overclocking in the future.

CPU: fx-6300
MOBO: asus ma597 970 am3+
GPU: radeon xfx 7850 1gb
PSU: mkIII 500watt
CASE: haf 912
RAM: 8gb rip jaws
HDD: seagate xt 750gb hybrid
DVD BURNER: samsung dvd burner
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  1. yea this looks great actually, this will breeze through alot of games.
  2. Yep. You should be happy with this. Whenever you decide to try overclocking, pick up a cpu cooler. Other than that? You're good.
  3. Thanks the for the input guys. :)
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