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Power Supply Confusion

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a b ) Power supply
a b α HP
November 24, 2001 9:06:15 PM

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My InWin case has a Powerman Model HP-D301GF5 power supply. This power
supply is NOT on AMD's approved list. However, the AGI Model HP-D301GF5
*is* on AMD's approved list.

Are these the same power supplies? I've read that most power supplies are
made by just a few vendors. It would seem more than coincidence that those
model numbers would be exactly the same.

Any input/explanation would be greatly appreciated.


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November 25, 2001 12:41:34 AM

Possibly. One of the things AMD approves and that you could visibly check is whether your power supply (bottom side facing the motherboard) has a fan or ventilation slots/holes directly above the cpu/hsf combination. This is desirable by AMD to remove heat away from the processor.

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November 26, 2001 5:58:21 PM

When I went out to buy a power supply(for AMD processor), I check 2 things:

1)The power supply must have at least 150w combined maximum output for 3.3v and +5v, higher is better.

2)It must be a heavy one. To know how heavy, go to a shop with many different brands of powersupply, including generic brand, take one branded powersupply and feel the weight, and compare it with a generic brand.

Hope this help.
November 27, 2001 3:42:12 AM

1) I agree. Depends on your system. 150w for some and more for others.

2) Ever wonder how the light weight ones get "ul" and other approvals?

Asked a sales person at "Best Buy" once about that. He says "With modern technology you don't need a lot under the hood." I looked at him and thought how he and the lightweight power supply were similar.

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