What can I do? (sound card and vid card) Too crowded

Hello, I bought a SB Recon card to put in my computer. My motherboard is an Asrock H55M-LE.(yeah I know) I have an EVGA GT 640 vid card as well. The vid card is in the top pci express slot. There is not enough room to get the SoundBlaster in. I dont think there is anything I can do, but I really dont want to buy another 1156 mb. Any ideas?
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  1. Use the onboard sound, unless you are doing professional quality sound work with the card, you wont notice a difference.
  2. Showing my own ignorance here but can't you install the Soundblaster into the lower PCI-E x16 slot?
  3. Upgrade/Swap your graphics card, but make sure the new card is a single slot card (this PowerColor HD7750 for example).

    -Wolf sends
  4. @Coozie - You must be looking at the wrong board. The ASRock H55M-LE only has one PCI-Ex16 slot, one PCI-Ex1 slot, and two PCI slots.

    -Wolf sends
  5. ^ Time to get he glasses changed- Totally correct Wolfshadow, I missed the 'e' in 'le' :( .
    Just to dispel my own ignorance-would my idea have worked anyway?
  6. @Coozie - Yes, it would have worked. The bandwidth may have dropped from x16 to x8 in the top PCI-Ex16 slot, but it would still work just fine.

    -Wolf sends
  7. should have looked at your board before you purchased. take the card back and get a pci interface card.

    shame some board makers put that 1x slot below the pci-e slot. I always look to make sure it's on top so I can use my sound cards.
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