Pc wont fully reboot after installing gpu drivers

I can boot the pc after restoring to a point before i installed nvidias drivers for my gpu. When i attempt to install the drivers and reboot it gets the boot screen (swirling window panes) then goes to a blank display.

Any ideas ? Ive done clean windows install on my hard drive. Ive removed each card and attempted to try each card individually. Ive updated at a loss now .

System specs: Asus Sabertooth x79, Intel I7 3930k, Kingston 1600 mhz ram (32gb) , 2x Evga gtx 660ti, Enermax revolution 1000w psu 85+, ocz vertex4 ssd, wd caviar hdd. windows 7 home premium
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  1. Have you tried safe mode?
  2. yes tried safe mode. the computer runs if im not running the nvidia drivers.
  3. think im getting some where....disconnected everything from mobo..memory included. installing each piece by piece and rebooting in between every part. got drivers installed. havent gotten second card installed yet second or 3rd hdd..but seems all ok . i left out the high def audio driver install and the 3d vision we shall see..ill keep updating. hope this would help someone else save the 2 days i been with this thing.
  4. problem fixed. bad #2 video card
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