GeForce GT620 for Dell Optiplex 740?

Recently got a Dell Optiplex 740mt to replace our decade old Compaq dinosaur PC. Would like to get a vid card as the wife and I both play games albeit nothing new. She loves Zoo tycoon 2 and I enjoy a few racing games, Lego Batman/Indy Jones/Star wars & GTA VC & SA. Was thinking about EVGA GT 620 1GB model 01G-P3-2625-KR or EVGA GT 610 1GB 01G-P3-2615-KR.

The only other upgrades I plan on is 4gb RAM, 500gb hd & 80mm fan for the rear of the case for some extra cooling. Would prefer the 620 but kind of worried about pushing the PSU.

Thought's & Opinions welcomed :)
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  1. Hi, From the link you gave you have a 305W power supply "DC power supply: Wattage 305 W"

    The GT610 and GT620 are not really gaming cards. They are more home theater. Suggest that you pick another card from this list:,3107.html

    With your power supply and your other parts you can install any video card with less than 100W TDP. The TDP of a card can be found easily with google and is in the article linked above.

    Instead of GT610, GT620 suggest you look for a Hd6670 or a HD7750. Both will just plug into your ssytem and both will work with your current power supply.

    You absolutely must get a LOW PROFILE video card to fit in your case. Here is a low profile 6670 ... $65 Here is a low profile HD7750 - faster, more expensive. $115

    Here is a review of GT610, GT620. Makes a nice home theater card.

    Here is a compare of the GT620 (which as noted in the review above is a renamed GT520) vs. the HD6670,2872.html?prod[5224]=on&prod[5231]=on The GT620/GT520 does not hit workable frame rates in most games. The HD6670 does. The HD7750 is much better than either but getting to get serious money >$100 in low profile.

    EDIT: I can't get the link above to stick in the right video cards automatically. Instead you'll need to click the boxes labeled HD6650 (but it says HD6670 in text) and GT520 (which is the same as the 620 as noted above) to get he compare. but you get eh point. IF you want to game then spend a few extra $$ to get a card that will run games for you. The 620/610 won't run anything except flash games.
  2. Thanks for he info :) . After doing some more research I dropped the 610 & 620 cards off the list. Why does Nvidia even bother selling those paper weights as graphics cards. I've been looking at GT630's & 640's as I'd rather stick with Nvidia but I'll keep that Radeon on the list till I hit the buy button within the next two weeks.
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    Lots of nice Nvidia cards out there, and nvidia has a good rep for driver stability.

    You need a Low profile card.

    The gt640 is a 65W part, the GT630 is a 60w part. Both will go great in your PC without a power supply change.

    Nvidia has re-branded the GeForce GT 440 as the GeForce GT 630. Its the same card. You may save some money if you find a GT 440.

    Aside: compare frame rates of GT630 and GT640 -- the gt640 is a good bit stronger. Then compare the gt640 to the hd6650, the 6670 is stonger still.,3214-7.html

    The gt640 in low profile is $100. The hd6670 in low profile is $65.
  4. I have the mini tower not the SFF versions so width isn't an issue, height of the card is though but as long as it's not too much taller than the bracket it will fit in the case without cutting the fan shroud.

    Unfortunately this purchase will have to wait a bit longer as I had a car issue pop up that I had to dip into the pc upgrade fund for lol. when life gives you a lemon sometimes all you can do is laugh.
  5. Got it narrowed down to these 3, just have to wait for tax refund]]]

    Though I'm not sure the Asus heatsink's height will work in the minitower.
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