Is this a good build?

I just bought these parts over the last couple days when they went on sale.
I bought a 750W PSU because I am planning to xfire in the future.
Tell me what you guys think?
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  1. Don't you see huge red warning label site showing you? lol
    I hope you have sandy bridge cpu lying(laying? lol) around to stick it in that mobo to upgrade it. if not, bad news... You need upgrade bios but pc wont turn on with ivy bridge cpu..
  2. butremor is right about the cpu. EVGA has gone down hill with their motherboards anyway. I don't recommend them. If you are only gaming, the 3770k isn't really necessary, but if you edit video, 2d or 3d, then it's worth it. Nice power supply choice. Not sure if I would ever buy Powercolor and it would have been cheaper to buy a Sapphire from Newegg. Decent build though.
  3. can anyone recommend a good Mobo then? I'll just refuse the shipment on current mono.

    Also I have an intel pentium dual-core cpu E5700. I'm thinking it won't work with the EVGA mobo. Am I right?
  4. I'm kind of leaning towards ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 Intel Z77
  5. Yeah, it's good.

    EVGA is 1155 socket and your pentium is LGA775 so, no match.
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